Megan and Steve in Marshall, NC

Better late than never, right?! Continuing to catch up on blog posts from an amazing fall wedding season. Megan and Steve were married on October 22 at a private residence in Marshall, NC with absolutely STUNNING views! It was unseasonably cold and the wind blew strong on the top of the mountain, but guests enjoying the amazing food, music and company. When I left for the evening, it seemed to only be getting better as the band joined guests by the fire for fireside music and celebration. Enjoy these highlights from a beautiful wedding day!

Tien and Nathan at On Broadway

Tien and Nathan tied the knot October 15, 2016 at On Broadway in downtown Asheville. I had so much fun celebrating with this group! The dance floor was happening all night with both the young and older guests. Here are a few of my favorites:

Emily and Tyler at Trickle Creek Farms

First of many fall 2016 weddings I’m catching up with here on the blog: Emily and Tyler’s beautiful wedding by the waterfall at Trickle Creek Farms in Mill Spring, NC. Love this serene setting! ¬†Emily and Tyler gathered their friends and family in the mountains of NC on Oct. 8, 2016 to celebrate their marriage! Enjoy these highlights from their day!

Why the long break?

Been a while since I’ve posted here. Just thought I would give a bit of an explanation. First of all, this fall was the busiest season to date for Whitmeyer Photography in 11 years (yay!), but with that comes loads and loads of editing. I made a difficult decision to not blog my fall weddings this year so that I could get client photos back to them sooner. With a little help, I was able to get everyone’s photos back to them by the holidays! But I didn’t get to blog all those weddings, which troubled me since I’ve blogged every wedding I’ve shot since 2009.

So for 2017, I will be doing things a bit differently with the blog. First of all, I will be posting teasers on my facebook page for ALL clients. I will not be blogging EVERY wedding anymore, but will blog from time to time when I’m inspired to do so (which I imagine will still be rather frequently).

Also new for 2017 is a brand new website! Check it out! I’m also promising faster turn around times this year! Lots of great changes in the works! If you or someone you know is recently engaged and looking for a photographer, please send them my way!

And for the next month, I will be blogging fall 2016 weddings that never made it here! Enjoy



Kendall and Adams in Chapel Hill

Today I share with you the wedding of my amazing friend Kendall to an equally amazing man, Adams. I’ve known and admired Kendall for years (since our days at UNC). She has a contagious energy about her that makes you just want to be around her all the time. It was such a joy to go back to Chapel Hill to Rock Quarry Farms to celebrate with Kendall, Adams, and their friends and family. Here are some highlights from this special day:

The Big Fat Gap Band 

R e v i e w s
A w a r d s
A s   S e e n   O n