Tyler and Jonathan at Camp Highlander

SO very excited to share this special wedding day with you! Tyler and Jonathan were married Aug. 16 at Camp Highlander just outside of Asheville. What a perfect setting for a wedding weekend! All their friends and family stayed on site in the cabins (just like campers), participated in camp activities like the blob, climbing, archery, and canoeing, and partied the night away together. My assistant photographer, Emily, and I headed out to camp to document all the festivities and were immediately swept up in the spirit of the weekend. Here are some of my favorites from this very special wedding day!

Guests participated in camp activities all day

After a day of summer camp, everyone goes back to their cabins to clean up for the wedding

Groom stops by the girls cabin to see how things are going (below)

This little girl just completely stole my heart! Looks like I wasn’t the only one either (2 below)

WHAT A FUN WEDDING DAY!!!! All the love and happiness in the world to Tyler and Jonathan in their future together! BIG thanks to my assistant photographer, Emily, seen below photographing camp fun!

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