“Making Memories” at the Potter-Wehrman Wedding

This past weekend (Oct. 9-10), I was honored to be a part of the wedding of Brittany Potter and Bryan Wehrman (known to their friends as B-Dubs Squared) here in Asheville, NC. Brittany and Bryan are an adorable couple, surrounded by many people that love them! The theme of the weekend seemed to be the idea of “making memories.” The term–originally authored by Bryan’s uncle–was quoted twice at the rehearsal dinner and a few times at the reception. These guys sure did make a lot of memories! In fact, it was extremely difficult to pick the highlights from this activity-packed weekend! I’ll give it a shot though! Here goes: 

The weekend began on Friday afternoon at Cucina 24 in downtown Asheville where Brittany and the women gathered together for a Bridesmaids Luncheon. 

Maid of Honor, Morgan, smiles at flower girl Hailey and Brittany at the lunch (above). 

Later in the day, Trollies take the wedding party and family from Haywood Park Hotel to The Basilica of St. Lawrence Catholic Church for the rehearsal. (above and below)

Brittany and Bryan prepare for the big day tomorrow. 

Brittany and her father meet Bryan in the aisle for the “hand off” (below). 

After the rehearsal, it was time to head over to Homewood for the rehearsal dinner (below). 

Brittany and Bryan had their guests sign quilt squares (below) and after the wedding, Brittany’s aunt will make the couple a special wedding quilt. 

So many people love and wanted to toast Brittany and Bryan that the group toasted over their time limit! That says a lot about how much people care about this couple! Brittany’s sister and maid of honor, Morgan, gives a very touching speech (below). 

“We’re Brittany’s embarrasing high school friends.” (below)

Bryan’s older Brother gives a heartfelt speech (below)

Bryan’s father follows with his own unique crowd-pleasers! (below) 

Mother of the Groom and Father of the Bride (above) share a toast. 
The wedding day started bright and early with breakfast at the Haywood Park Hotel (below). 

Brittany and her mother-in-law share a pre-wedding hug (below)

Lots of guests were sporting their “Brittany and Bryan” tee-shirts at the breakfast that morning (below)

After breakfast, Brittany and her bridesmaids headed over to the Pi Aveda Salon in Biltmore Village for hair/make-up (below). 

Brittany’s father brings her the veil (below). 

Heather Barnett applies Brittany’s make-up (below)

Check out Brittany’s adorable Kate Spade shoes! (below)

Bryan’s customized cuff-links (below). 

The guys get ready at the Basilica

Bryan’s father helps with his tie (below. 

Pretty soon, guests begin to arrive (below). 

For a couple hours right before the ceremony we had a little bit of rain, so Brittany’s bridesmaids help her into the ceremony under the umbrella (below). 

Brittany’s father escorts her down the aisle (above) where they are greeted by a glowing Bryan (below)

The Father gave one of the most personal and enthusiastic wedding ceremonies I’ve ever seen (below) and even gave our newlyweds some gifts! 

At one point during the ceremony, Bryan stepped on Brittany’s veil (below). It was a great ice-breaker! 


Bryan’s mother checks out his ring (above)

Brittany and Bryan: affectionately known as B-Dubs Squared! 

After photos at the church, we headed over to the Grove Park Inn for some more photos (below)

Gotta love all the fabulous fall colors!!! 

I had a whole lot of fun with this wedding party! The photo below was Brittany’s idea and I love it!! 

Brittany fidgets with the new ring on her finger while her bridesmaids fix her veil (below). 

After a few cocktails at the Grove Park, The wedding party heads over to “On Broadway” for the reception. The wedding party waits outside for their official announcement (below). 

Mother of the Bride anxiously awaits for Brittany and Bryan’s entrance (below). 

Announcing for the first time ever, “Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Wehrman” ! 

Brittany and Bryan head into their first dance as husband and wife (below). 

Brittany with her dad (below)

This was one of the sweetest mother-son dances I’ve ever seen! (above and below)

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so (below) 

Father Norman serenades Brittany and Bryan. 

The food here, provided by Celine and Company, was fanstastic!!  

Music was provided by the Mo’ Sol Band (below)

The Best Man calls Bryan a “groomzilla” citing cases of Bryan skipping out on hanging out with the boys for wedding-planning activities (above)! Below is Bryan’s reaction! Later in the evening, the Band starts chanting, “go groomzilla, go groomzilla” !! If this isn’t making memories, I don’t know what is!! 

Everyone had a great time at the reception! The Mo’ Sol Band was ROCKIN’!! 

Morgan, the youngest (and still single) Potter girl, catches the bouquet! (Below)

These guys know how to throw a great party! 

This Flowergirl (below) was partied out by the end of the night.  

At the end of the night, Brittany’s aunt shows her how many fabulous quilt squares she has from all the guests (below). 

The night ended with lots of hugs! (below)
Brittany and Bryan are currently honeymooning in Mexico for 10 days! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic weekend! I hope I have helped to make your memories last forever! 

A special thanks to my wonderful assistant, Brittany (below)! Brittany is new to Whitmeyer Photography and I’m so excited to have her working with us! Thanks!

Anonymous - October 13, 2009 - 7:07 am

Brit and Bryan,

We had soo much fun! Thanks for 'making memories' for us and for allowing us to be a part of your special day!!



Your pictures are wonderful! Looking forward to see them all when they are ready!! Thanks for being so kind and flexible. You and your staff were very professional! You did an outstanding job!

Shannon Penegor

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