Beach Wedding: Rosanna and Luke

This past Saturday, May 1, I had the honor of spending the day with Rosanna Louie and Lucas Juzwiak in Nags Head, NC on the outer banks. It was a gorgeous weekend for a beach wedding!! It was unseasonably warm this weekend and absolutely beautiful! Rosanna and Lucas were both really excited about the big day an glowing all day. I’ve picked out some of my favorite photos of the day and included them below. 
The wedding day started on Saturday at Encore by the Shore Hair Studio (below). 
Instead of using a veil, Rosanna, had beautiful pearl pins in her hair. 
Rosanna’s maid of honor, Jennifer, gets her hair done (below).
While I was with Rosanna, my assistant Emily documented Lucas’ preparations (below).
Rosanna did all the flowers herself and did a fantastic job!!
Rosanna and Jennifer put on their makeup. 
The something old (below) and borrowed. 
Rosanna’s mother, Wai Ying, made her dress by hand. The details were incredible and this dress really was a work of art! Absolutely beautiful! 
Rosanna’s mother helps her get the dress on. 
And gives her seal of approval (below)!
Rosanna and Luke did a First Look and saw each other for the first time of the day (below).
We head out on the beach for some photos.
I took some polaroid of the couple and created these photos.  I love polaroids!! I gave these photos to Rosanna and Luke as their first official wedding photos! 
When we returned from the beach, guests were beginning to arrive and Rosanna and Luke got lots of hugs!
A game of pool before tying the knot! 
Rosanna’s father, Chun, gets his flower on (above) and studies the marriage license (below) very carefully before signing. 
Rosanna is a violinist and teaches violin in Washington, DC. One of her students (below) came to North Carolina to play for her wedding. I really liked the picture of the sunshine (above) in his violin case! This was definitely a sunshiny and happy Saturday! 
Luke gives his father a hug after escorting his mother down the aisle (below).
Rosanna and her father enter the ceremony (above) and share a hug (below).
While listening to a reading, Rosanna and Luke lean in together (below). Are they cute or what!?
Leslie Buck from Saints Alive Ministries did a fantastic job with the ceremony! 
A little tear (above).
This was a GREAT first kiss! Very long and passionate! 
Introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Juzwiak! 
Lots of post-ceremony hugs!
Rosanna did all the decorations and flowers and everything looked gorgeous!
Rosanna and Luke enter their reception. 
And share their first dance. 
Parent dances (above and below).
Best Man, Christian (above), gives a great speech. 
Maid of Honor, Jennifer (below).
Rosanna’s brother, Anthony, gave a really heartfelt toast (above) and there were quite a few tears (below).
The beach house at dawn (Above). 
Rosanna changed into a traditional Chinese dress for the Tea Ceremony (above). Red is the traditional color for weddings in China. 
The couple serves their parents and other family members tea as a showing of respect and appreciation.
Rosanna and Luke let their guests help them decide where they were going to go on their honeymoon. Each guest put a honeymoon location in their rsvp cards (above) and during the reception, Rosanna had guests pick out cards from a bowl one at a time, eliminating possible honeymoon locations each time. 
The last location left in the bowl is where the couple will take their honeymoon. 
And the winner is…….IRELAND!
The party starts!!
Luke and the men share a cigar (below).
There was so much love at this wedding! (below) 
Rosanna and Luke, I had so much fun with you guys and your friend/family on Saturday! I hope that you enjoy your life together (and your trip to Ireland!) 
A special thanks to my assistant, Emily Critcher (below) who helped out on Saturday. Emily is an outer banks native and this is her second time working with Whitmeyer Photography. She also helped last month with the Wicker-Jernigan wedding in Manteo, NC. Thanks Emily and great work!

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